The polyurethane professionals

Our supply programme consists of the following, among other items:

Polyurethane processing machines
Purfect polyurethane components
Polyurethane Spray guns
Polyurethane Pour Guns
Polyurethane Coating Guns
Hose packages, with automatic heating if desired
Barrel pumps
Parts, tools and accessories.

The Compomix polyurethane machines are already being used for the purpose of applying polyurethane in the following sectors:

Construction: insulation of floors, cavity walls, roofs and walls
Industry: tank insulation, installations, cold stores, pipe insulation.
Agricultural: the insulation of farm sheds, transit sheds.
Shipping: the insulation of ships, floating bodies such as buoys, floats.
Amusement: decoration/designing of amusement parks.
Advertising: designing of products and commercial expressions.

In addition to supplying our own brand “Compomix”, we also offer a variety of other brands of polyurethane machines and accessories. In addition, we can construct your machine according to your specifications. We are also the right company to call upon for any repairs that may be required and/or adjustments to polyurethane processing equipment.

Elastisol BV: specialist in the processing of polyurethane components in the broadest sense of the word. We offer machines, materials and accessories together with 25 years of experience and know-how. Our polyurethane specialists have ample experience in the field of processing, producing and applying polyurethane foam. This is a major advantage to you, as we have mastered and understand all of the aspects of this profession more than anybody else.

Having acquired more than 25 years of experience in the Polyurethane industry, we have decided to construct our own machines for the processing of polyurethane. They bear the self-explanatory name “Compomix”. We have already deployed our own machines in various spray/moulding applications, including a lot of made-to-measure work activities.

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